Lost in the Trees: “Lady in White”

North Carolina chamber-pop outfit, Lost in the Trees, have released a spectacular new track, “Lady in White.” It’s been over a year since the group released A Church That Fits Our Needs, a musical tribute to lead singer/songwriter Ari Picker’s mother, and the first glimpse at new material is a bit surprising. The song is still filled with the to-be-expected folk-tinged sadness and melancholy  but, while it’s  not devoid of its orchestral instruments, it is a much more straight-forward arrangement. More Radiohead than Sufjan, the track is lead by a simple piano melody and dry, steady drums. Picker’s other-worldly vocals float on top while small flourishes of strings and synths creep in. As the final chorus repeats, the band drops out, leaving just a distant synth pad and lo-fi acoustic guitar to accompany Picker singing, “Always/You always meet me in the next life.”

So far, it doesn’t seem like Lost in the Trees have set a date on new material, but “Lady in White” should be enough to hold us over for a while.

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