Grooms: “Infinity Caller”

Brooklyn quartet Grooms just released their third album Infinity Caller, and now there’s an amazing video to go along with the title-track. The song kicks off with a catchy bass line and punchy drums before giving way to a wash of post-rock distortion guitar. Travis Johnson’s vocals are direct and melodic as the 90′s-esque rock track pushes forward.

But the real interest here is in the music video. Directed by Cara Foxx, the video shows Johnson in a dimly lit basement science lab mixing some fluids and then looking under a microscope. We get to see the slides he’s looking at, and each one is animated and illustrated by a different artist. They range in style and technique, and even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, the psychedelic imagery compliments the music well.

You can check out this tumblr for more information on all the artists, and pick up the album here.

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