The Demos: “Better”

The Demos: “Better”

The Demos are one of my favorite power-pop bands on the scene today. The Rochester sextet is prepping the release of their sophomore LP Paramount Clouds and has graced us with a new song from the effort, “Better.” The track has a wall-of-sound production style with layers of vocal harmonies, distorted guitars, and even some sleigh-bells to give it that classic Brian Wilson flavor. Jason Milton’s keen sense of melodic craft is apparent from the very first line he sings. Throughout the song, the melodies are elegant and insanely catchy. The hook of “You should have known better” is sure to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day (or week…or possibly month). And the great retro arrangement and noisy, lo-fi production only make the song that much “better.”

You can stream for free or pay what you want on bandcamp while you get prepared for Paramount Clouds.

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