“Olav & the Lute” is a Melodic, Magical Adventure

“Olav & the Lute” is a Melodic, Magical Adventure

Link isn’t the only guy that gets the magical melody love. There’s Olav, too, who plays melodies in order to solve puzzles in this new point-and-click indie-adventurer, Olav & the Lute.

It is inspired by LOOM, the 1990 PC game that similarly contains fantasy, puzzles, adventure, and powerful, mystical melodies. Even the art style is similar, with characters and landscapes that almost look like they were lifted right out of LOOM.

But I’m not complaining. Olav & the Lute is set in a fantastical world, yet it’s dark and post-apocalyptic. The music makes me feel like I’m groping my way blindly through a cave, and I think that feeling is part of the game’s design. You’re never expressly told what to do or why you’re doing it, but as you play, you gradually understand the nature of your quest. With your lute, you discover and collect melodies that have magical properties, using it to interact and progress through the world.

Olav & the Lute won’t take you long to complete, but it’s definitely worth your lunch break to play. It is free for download on PC and can also be played right in your browser.

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