Maxo Remixes Pokemon Red and Blue

Back in August, we shared Maxo’s incredible chiptune music series Level Music, an ongoing, multi-part series of video game music for a non-existent video game. But now, Maxo is back with his take on some real video game music, namely, Junichi Masuda’s classic score for Pokemon Red and Blue. To celebrate the release of the newest Pokemon games and Y, Maxo has created a medley of themes from the Generation 1 games and put his own signature jazzy twist on them. Each theme is stretched to its limits and turned into material for Maxo’s idiosyncratic jazz fusion chiptune style.

On the track, we “cruise” through Vermillion City, Cerulean City, Cinnabar Island, Viridian City, Lavender Town, Celadon City, and end up in Pallet Town. (Each city links to the original theme in case you want to refresh yourself). And the accompanying video and screen cap of each town in the medley will get you in the perfect Pokemon mood.

Be sure to check out Maxo’s other music, too!

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