Nightlands: “So Far So Long”

Nightlands is the appropriately named dream-pop project by mutli-instrumentalist David Hartly. His glorious sophomore album was released back in January of this year, but he just released a video for one of my favorite tracks off the set, “So Far So Long.” The track features a light ’60s/Brazilian pop beat to go along with Hartly’s wistful melodies and Beach Boys harmonies. Small touches of thick delayed guitar chords and distant saxophone and trumpet add a beautiful texture to the dreamy, surreal song.

To make the track even more surreal, the music video, directed by David S. Kessler, is comprised entirely of slo-mo shots of Icelandic horses at night. I’m not sure if the intention was to be funny, but I find this video hilarious. Icelandic horses aren’t the most elegant or beautiful of creatures; they’re kind of goofy and awkward. But the video captures the fat, long-haired horses in beautifully lit close-ups, all slowed down for that elegant effect. The pairing with the reverbed, dreamy track is brilliant, as it brings out the light-hearted qualities of the song.

Oak Island is available via Secret Canadian digitally, on CD, or on LP.

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