“Lift” Helps You Improve Yourself

“Lift” Helps You Improve Yourself

Lift is the latest of my GTD obsessions, right after Trello and Wunderlist. But this app, available for free for iOS and the web, isn’t a task manager as much as it is a task motivator. Rather than listing individual tasks you need to complete a single time, you add habits that you want to accomplish on a regular basis. You can select those that are already popular among other users or create new ones. You could add things like “exercise,” “read a book,” or “good posture,” and whenever you complete one of them, swipe (or click) to check it off for the day. Each day, the habits reset, so Lift can keep track of how many days in a row, how many days a week, or how many times total you have completed them. These stats are what make the app so powerful; you can easily keep track of how well you are doing with your goals and visually see your successes (or failures) to help motivate you even more.

The app also has some other handy features to help keep you on task. You can set reminders to bug you about a habit, and there are social features so you can follow people, comment on their progress, or receive encouragement from them. If you have any desire to improve yourself and need some help, Lift is an extremely motivating way to do it.

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