The Jean Jackets: “The Fantastic Vision”

The Jean Jackets: “The Fantastic Vision”

The Jean Jackets are a new indie-pop quartet that are gearing up to release a new double album called Field Theory Blues. The first single “The Fantastic Vision” is getting me pretty excited to hear what’s coming. The song starts with Jackson Phinney’s smokey tenor amid jangly treble guitars in a lilting waltz. As warm horns fill out the chords, the song begins to change. Like the two parts of the album coming out, “The Fantastic Vision” splits in the middle, switching to a pounding 4/4 meter and giving way to a vintage wordless hook of “bum bum bum bahh.” Christine Spilka’s sweet voice adds harmonies, and the full beat comes in for the second half of the song. The band describes the song as an autumnal tribute to friends, family, and Spanish romantic painter Francisco de Goya. The song ends with counter point melodies and harmonies over the circular chord progression before giving way to Phinney’s descant screams.

You can download “The Fantastic Vision” for free on the band’s website or bandcamp, and keep an eye out for the first installment of the double album this Fall.

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