The Creepiest Game You’ll Ever Play With One Finger

The Creepiest Game You’ll Ever Play With One Finger

It’s hard to believe how much creepy can be put into a few pixels and sound bytes. But Traal does it, and it’s one of the simplest, creepiest freeware games I’ve played.

The music and sound design are unsettling enough by themselves. The sustained string-like pads are seeped with tension, and the occasional sound effects make me feel like I need to get out of this dungeon, whatever it is. The worst, perhaps, is the Psycho-sound upon sight of a monster.

And monsters are the main enemy of your game. It’s your goal, as a little green pixel man, to find gibberish-inscribed scrolls on your way through a labyrinth of dungeons while avoiding floor spikes, which chop off your head for some reason, as well as the gaze of a green, one-eyed monster that hops around, impeding your progress. Luckily, each death brings you back to the start of the current room—a needed relief since you’ll be dying often. What makes the game so challenging is that you have to make sure your flashlight doesn’t come in direct contact with a monster. If it does, you’ll be propelled backwards in fear until you’re stopped by the nearest wall. Well, sometimes it’s a wall. Usually, it’s a spikey floor of death. Traal is essentially a puzzle game, challenging you to dexterously find your way around the levels while avoiding death and paralyzing fear.

I’ve never found out what happens when you collect all the scrolls. If you want to give it a try, you can play the game for free in your browser or on an iOS or Android device.

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