“Shower,” a Day in the Life of One Syrian Family

In Shower – حمّام, we’re given a look at the washing routine of a family in a town near Aleppo, the Syrian city that has seen some of the worst violence of the ongoing civil war. Presented starkly (there’s no music, voiceover, or title card), the video shows a father and child collecting hubcaps and other trash to burn for hot water, something inaccessible to millions of Syrians since the start of the war. Uploaded three weeks ago, it’s unclear exactly when the footage was taken but, much like what has been reported in the news, access to basics like food, water, and shelter has dropped so low as a result of the civil war that it drives many of the millions of Syrians to leave their towns and cities of residence. There doesn’t seem to be much more information about the production team, AlShare3 (at least not in English), or how they managed to get this video out of the country. But regardless, it’s important that it’s out there.

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