Solve Mysteries with Your Fedora-Wearing Cat in This 3D Noir Game

Solve Mysteries with Your Fedora-Wearing Cat in This 3D Noir Game

You’ve seen platformers. The Marios, the Metroidvanias. The dark, the mind-boggling and the head-spinning. But Hot Tin Roof is one unlike any I’ve seen. It combines the Metroidvania with the noir with the…something else? It’s 3D but not 3D, it’s a platformer but not a platformer, and it’s really frickin’ cool.

OK, first things first. It is a platformer. You play a female detective in a noir-like setting, and along with your fedora-wearing cat you hop around in buildings and on the streets in town. The game lets you change perspective and move around in a 3D world, similar to Fez but with visuals that aren’t as flat. Like a Metroid game, you gradually earn upgrades to your equipment, which mainly consists of your revolver, grappler, and a few other knick-knacks.

It’s your job to solve some murder cases, and as you platform you’re also exploring, looking for clues, and interacting with people. It’s a really fresh combination of platforming, exploration, and mystery, and one that I’m sure will be worth the wait.

Hot Tin Roof recently had a successful Kickstarter and was greenlit on Steam, so you can expect to see it available sometime next year for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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