Lewis: “Red October ft. Divine”

Up-and-coming New Jersey rapper Lewis is preparing the release of his full-length album Black Autumn 1993, and the new single “Red October” now has a video to go along with it. The dark song takes a lot of cues from Yeezus, especially the “New Slaves” trick of having a rap song without any drums. And the aggression of Lewis’s rapping matches the bleak and ominous texture of the music. Produced by the rapper himself, the track opens up with wordless, auto-tuned vocals before changing keys for a melodic synth bass. His flow is simple yet aggressive and harsh, which is enhanced by his voice being doubled an octave below in a distorted vocal. At the end, Divine enters to sing the hook, which is then taken over by Lewis’s auto-tuned vocals. It ends suddenly in the middle of a phrase, leaving the song unsettled and cut off.

The video matches the bleakness. Directed by Lewis and Tyler King, it shows the rapper in the woods performing with his hands in handcuffs. There’s also a sword in the ground and Divine walking through the woods. At the end, the three things come together and provide a conclusive reason for the sudden abruptness.

You can stream or download “Red October” on Soundcloud here.

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