“Lovely Planet” Is Just like “Proteus”…With Guns

“Lovely Planet” Is Just like “Proteus”…With Guns

Okay, so Proteus is fine and all, but there’s one glaring oversight: there’s no guns. No shooting, jumping, dodging, killing. It’s 2013. How are developers still missing this? We need guns.

While I wait for the creators of Proteus to respond to the letter I sent them regarding the lack of action in the game, there’s another solution. Lovely Planet is a game in development for PC and Mac that takes the bright, abstract visuals of Proteus and adds some much-needed features. Finally, Proteus is a complete game. In terms of graphics, Lovely Planet is very similar, although less pixelated and more like construction paper. It’s also similar in its abstraction of story—there isn’t one. It’s played in five different worlds through dozens of levels with enemies coming at you in waves. You just have to run, jump, and shoot like any decent video game, but this one is less about stealth and more about frenzied action. And finally, there are actual goals and records and stars to earn. The creators of Proteus are about to be sorry.

Also, I’m fairly sure that’s a Simpsons character you’re controlling.

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