Play the Empowering Dungeon Crawler “Heroine Dusk” Right Now

Play the Empowering Dungeon Crawler “Heroine Dusk” Right Now

While the rest of the gaming world spends their allowances playing the new Grand Theft Auto V, the new Batman, and Assassin’s Creed IV, I’ll be laughing at them, eating string cheese and playing free games on my trackpad.

The latest of which is an open source, old-school-styled dungeon crawler called Heroine Dusk. Legend of Grimrock seems to have inspired a comeback in the genre, ideal for exploration, randomly-generated worlds, and, of course, monster-slaying. You play a heroine who wakes up in a monastery, and you do what any straight-thinking heroine in a monastery would do: you grab your sword, move up or left or right, and slash the shit out of weird looking pixel monsters. There’s not too much to the game since it’s still in development, but you can still enjoy plenty of exploration and battles if you’re like me and you’re too cheap to buy Black Flag.

You can play a free beta of Heroine Dusk in your browser right here, and a full release is maybe planned for sometime in the future possibly. Hopefully.

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