Watch the Extended Version of the Dancing Scene in 1985′s “Legend”

Ridley Scott’s 1985 fantasy film Legend is one of my childhood favorite films. However, now that I’m older, my appreciation has shifted from the film itself to the amazing soundtrack by Tangerine Dream (childhood nostalgia aside, let’s just be honest: the film isn’t that good). Despite how iconic the soundtrack is, there’s (believe it or not) an entire cut of the film that doesn’t include Tangerine Dream’s score.

When the film was first released, studios were concerned about the profitability of the movie (apparently Tom Cruise running around in short shorts wasn’t enough). The studio created two cuts of the film, one for North America and one for Europe. The European director’s cut had extended scenes that included a different score by Jerry Goldsmith. Although fans of the film liked the extended version over the original, they still preferred the original score by Tangerine Dream.

YouTube user Michael Delving saw the dilemma from fans and created this awesome mash-up video that combines the extended version of the famous “dancing scene” with Tangerine Dream’s score. If you’re familiar with the original version, you can tell the audio has been looped to accommodate the extra length in time, but Delving does an amazing job at seamlessly combining the two cuts of the film. I can’t think of any Legend fan who wouldn’t enjoy this.

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