“Tell Tale Vlog” Re-imagines Edgar Allan Poe as an Angsty, Socially Awkward Recluse

From The Lizzie Bennet Diaries  to The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, the trend of vlogs re-imagining classic books has been growing in momentum lately. This newest one might possibly be one of our favorites. Tell Tale Vlog is a vlog produced in the angsty POV of writer Edgar Allan Poe. Most of the videos show Poe (played by Sean Persaud) passionately toiling away in his study while the ghost Lenore (played by Sinead Persaud) haunts him and provides commentary about Poe’s sad existence. “You know how you can kind of tell what your friends think about you by the kind of guys they set you up to haunt?” she asks in episode one. “Seriously, what was she thinking?” Written by Yukin Kuang, the series doesn’t try too hard to weave a narrative from the videos. Instead, we get bite-sized shorts (the videos are usually two minutes or shorter) that hilariously poke fun at Poe and his life. The most recent episode is our favorite.

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