Honey Wild: “Magnifique Innocent”

Taking their name from the 1967 Beach Boy’s record Wild Honey, Brooklyn’s Honey Wild is a four-piece rock group that specializes in vintage sounds and polished pop songwriting. Their recent Mea Culpa EP showed off the group’s talent for balancing the eclecticism of modern bands like Dirty Projectors and nostalgic ’60s rock. With their upcoming double A-side single, “Garden/Magnifique Innocent,” they continue to show off those skills. “Magnifique Innocent” is built around jangly electric guitar riffs that cleverly shift between keys for different sections of the song, while Joe Stevens’s rhythmic vocal melodies float on top. The song ends with a noisy guitar solo and a nice fade out, adding to its classic rock aesthetic.

The double A-side single will be released via Shorewave Records on November 25th, but you can pre-order it here.

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