Illustrations of All the Classic Video Games We Used to Play (All 799 of Them)

How many NES games can you name off the top of your head right now? Ten, maybe 15? I’m guessing the popular ones like the Mario games, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden I and II, maybe Final Fantasy? There were around 799 games released for the NES (if you include both licensed and unlicensed). Let me repeat that if you didn’t catch how many that actually is, that’s 799. Now getting to the actual point of this post, two years ago Australian artist Campbell Whyte took on the equally if not larger artistic quest of making an 8 bit illustration for every game that was released. This unbelievable and a bit geeky personal side project is titled “8 Bit Dreams” and it is pretty incredible.

The drawings are also very well done as well (not saying he can’t draw), but they look like cool cartoon characters rather than the pixelated ones floating around Google images. Posted above is a video preview of the first 375. I have to be honest that even though I’m a pretty big video game junkie (new, old, and the classics), even I had trouble trying to figure out what illustration was for which game. The entire finished project was revealed in September at a group exhibition titled Nights and Weekends at the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. On September 22nd, after the exhibition ended, the originals became available for purchase, and of course he takes commissions as well.

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