O.R. Melling’s “Chronicles of Faerie” Is a YA Series You’ll Actually Want to Read

O.R. Melling’s “Chronicles of Faerie” Is a YA Series You’ll Actually Want to Read

If you’re a fan of the Young Adult genre and you’re looking for a different sort of paranormal romance or epic fantasy that isn’t a rip-off of either Twilight or The Lord of the Rings, make sure you look for O.R. Melling and her fascinating series the Chronicles of Faerie the next time you’re browsing at your local bookstore.

There are four books in all: The Hunter’s Moon, The Summer King, The Light-Bearer’s Daughter, and The Book of Dreams. Each one can be read without prior knowledge of the other one in the series, but it is well worth the effort to read each one in order as the stories interconnect and overlap.

One of Melling’s strengths is that she can write a believable Y.A. romance without it being cliché or cheesy. The interactions between Dara and Gwen or Jean and Dana  are effortless and will make romance lovers long for a similar significant other. Unlike Stephanie Meyer, her love between her characters doesn’t glorify abusive relationships, plus Melling reminds her readers that there are always consequences to one’s actions that must be dealt with.

Thanks to her Irish heritage and passion for Celtic studies that lead her to completing an MA in medieval Irish history, Melling weaves in the myths of the Sidhe and the Tuatha De Dannan with practically zero effort. Those with a sharp eye will be able to spot elements of the myths about the Celtic God Lugh, Grainne and Diarmit, and the different Faerie courts such as the Seelie and Unseelie Sidhe.

However, the most exciting part of her series for readers with a passion for learning about other cultures is the appendices in the back that give readers a small English-to-Gaelic dictionary and explains how to pronounces the different Gaelic terms that are peppered throughout her work.

Although the YA genre can often feel as if it’s over-saturated with clichéd novels nowadays, Melling’s writing breathes new life into the section and gives her readers a glimpse into the world of the Celtic faeries.

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