Starlight Girls: “Inhibitionist”

Describing themselves as “Spy Rock,” the Brooklyn five-piece group Starlight Girls mixes lo-fi punk with retro surf-rock guitars. Earlier this year, they released a 7″ single in collaboration with Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart, but now they’re getting ready for their debut full-length for next year. The first glimpse at that set comes in the form of “Inhibitionist,” a noisy rock track with exciting and powerful vocals. The splashy drums, organ melodies, and spring-reverb guitar give it a surf rock feel while the distorted bass and unusual chord progression makes sure it’s not just another retro novelty. The wash of sound stays consistent but exciting throughout the three minutes of the song, which is long enough to not become exhausting but still leave you wanting more.

And we should be getting more early next year with their full-length album. Until then, you can grab the 7″ single or their 2012 self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

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