Take a Mystical Look at the Ways of the Italian Strega with Raven Grimmassi

While many Pagans and Wiccans instantly know who author Raven Grimassi is and can probably name at least one or two of his books, most mainstream readers probably have never heard of him. For those who are not in the occult scene, Grimassi is famous for his re-imagining of traditional pre-Christian Italian witchcraft, which is known as Strega, Stregheria, or Stregoneria depending on who you ask. One of his best-known titles is the Way of the Strega, and in video from last November, Grimassi explains what drew him to writing a book about Italian Witchcraft.

Although Ways of the Strega was published in 1995, it was written a few years earlier. Grimassi admits that one of the main reasons he wrote it was due to the fact that back in the 1990s, most of the books on witchcraft all revolved around Celtic mythology and Celtic Paganism. For people who were of Southern European descent, it was a bit alienating and so Grimassi decided to write a book that would allow them to feel included too.

However, he notes that there was a bit of controversy. After all, traditional Italian witchcraft has always been very secretive and he adds that in “Old Italty” it’s rarely talked about outside of the family or the coven. Grimassi decided to mix Wiccan elements with Strega aspects so people would feel that the material was familiar, but they would also read about new ideas too. It was basically a bridge between the communities of the Strega and the Wiccans. Even though the practices describes in the book were taken from a tradition that Grimassi created himself, he also notes that he based them on the ancient folklore that he was taught.

Love him or hate him, Raven Grimassi is one of Paganism’s best known authors and Elders, and this video is a great way to learn more not only about Italian witchcraft, but his own books as well.

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