Here's Your Chance to Contribute to an Intergalactic Space Quilt

Here’s Your Chance to Contribute to an Intergalactic Space Quilt

While aboard the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg began work on a quilt and is now looking for Earthbound handcrafters to contribute their own blocks to help her finish it. Her quilt block is — of course — a lovely space-themed star pattern, and she’s looking for more star-patterned 9-inch quilt blocks to complete the projects.

Create a star-themed 9.5″ square unfinished block (so that when quilted, it will be a 9″ finished block)

The theme should be any variation on a star. We welcome all types—traditional, modern, and artsy variations. Limit one block per person.

Use any color scheme and techniques you would like, but please do not use any embellishments.

Sign your unfinished block on the front with a permanent marker. Please include your name and your location.

Mail your block to us by August 1, 2014

Interested quilters can get the full instructions here.

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