STACEY: “Worst Part”

Despite what you’d expect from the stylization of her name, Toronto based singer/songwriter STACEY makes delicate and intimate music. Her melodies and lyrics are carefully crafted and intentionally understated. With her single “Worst Part,” what’s most striking is the arrangement. Limited almost entirely to piano and vocals, small hints of bass, guitar, and synth strings creep in, but the track stays decidedly sparse. Each time you think that something bigger will happen, a drum beat or a heavy synth entrance, it doesn’t. In the chorus, STACEY sings “cause you leave me wanting more/yeah the worst part’s wanting more.” And the arrangement beautifully matches this sentiment. Its bare piano line and simple emotive melody capture the character of the lyrics and make you feel what she’s feeling.

STACEY‘s self-titled EP is coming out on December 5th (and released in a super-cool USB format), but you can stream the whole thing over at Exclaim.

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