Enter the World of Overside, a Universe of Webcomics Created by Evan Dahm

Enter the World of Overside, a Universe of Webcomics Created by Evan Dahm

Lush, mysterious, and vast, Overside is the brainchild of comics creator Evan Dahm, a world populated with bizarre inhabitants, ancient prophecies, robotic overlords, and a history spanning millenia.

Dahm’s body of work uses Overside as a setting and backdrop for various short stories and novel length sagas that, while seemingly dense, can be read in any order and are completely independent from each other (though shared characters and concepts crop up throughout, such as the enigmatic mechanical figure known only as “The One Electronic”).  These stories often deal with the themes of destiny, love, tradition, and the unending struggle for power that can either make heroes or destroy empires.  Dahm’s writing is straightforward and concise, relying more on his vibrant illustrations and wildly original designs to communicate.  Combined with a sprawling cast of magnetic and flawed characters, the effect of Dahm’s work is spellbinding.

Dahm’s works are available both online and in print.  Be sure to check out these titles:

Rice Boy:  Approached by an immortal journeyman seeking an end to his quest, an innocent and mild-mannered hero sets out on an adventure that leads him across, under, and through a surreal landscape and untold trials, in the hopes of fulfilling an ancient prophecy that could either bring the world into an era of peace, or doom it to untimely ruin.  Colorful, heartbreaking, and imaginative.

Order of Tales:  A young man, the last in a secret order of storytellers, seeks answers about the murder of his family.  A chance meeting with a mysterious stranger catapults him on a quest to seek the greatest story of all, “The Ascent of the Bone Ziggurat”.  On his way he meets a woman made of glass, stumbles into an ages-old war, and comes face to face with a brutal warlord supposedly returned from the dead.  Illustrated in black and white, Order of Tales is dark and hauntingly epic.

Vattu:  Stolen away from her nomadic tribe, Vattu is a young girl trapped in the midst of a massive empire bent on world conquest.  Faced with impossible odds, Vattu must use her wits and ingenuity to survive in this strange world while simultaneously holding on to the sparse remnants of her own culture, before she loses them completely.  Currently ongoing, Vattu is brimming with action, intrigue, and emotion, with a diverse cast and twisting narrative that are nothing short of wondrous.

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