Conveyor: “Mammal Food”

A few months ago, we got to hear Brooklyn-based Conveyor‘s b-side “Pushup.” The song was difficult, distorted, and generally pretty off-putting (in the best way, of course). Well now the 7″ is available and we get to hear the a-side, “Mammal Food.” While “Mammal Food” is a little bit more digestible (ha!) than “Pushup,” it’s still loud and in your face. Distorted drums, vocals, guitars, everything. But the songwriting here is more direct. It has a real rock-n-roll feel with tight harmonies and catchy hooks, with a Beatles-esque bridge and a driving beat. Taken together, the songs make for a pretty abrasive  listen, but with an endearing sense of fun. Plus, they’re being released on a special-edition gold 7″ vinyl, which you can–and should–order here!

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