Life Is 91 Centimeters Out of Balance in “Skhizein”

Skhizein is the story of a man with an unusual affliction: he is 91 centimeters from where he’s supposed to be. This might be hard to understand abstractly, but when he’s struck (literally—a falling meteorite is responsible for the condition) by it early on in the short film, the physics of his predicament, along with the wide range of difficulties it introduces into his life, are made abundantly clear.

It’s a great film, and I found myself empathetic for the protagonist’s predicament almost immediately. As he manages to adjust to his new circumstances at home, the plot is driven by how navigating anywhere outside his apartment is frustrating, if possible at all, and the psychological stress drives him to take desperate measures. The 2008 short is the brainchild of French director and animator Jérémy Clapin.

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