Clean Up Your Subscriptions with Swizzle

Clean Up Your Subscriptions with Swizzle

A good startup identifies a problem we all have and creates a solution. We are all suffering from email saturation — pretty sure I’m still getting gym rat adverts from buying those discounted yoga pants online in 2010. Gmail has tried to deal with it by creating the Promotions and Updates tabs, but these don’t really play well with iOs email.

Swizzle sorts your inbox–be warned that it could take a little while with a crammed gmail inbox–and allows you to either unsub or push your updates into a Swizzle digest to read when you have time. You can set your Swizzle to arrive at a convenient time, which is especially convenient if you can schedule this when you’re bored at work, instead of when you’re drowning in work. Could be the shizzle (Do people still say that? I’m not hip.) if you get a lot of promo emails!

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