IndieBound: Uniting Local Independent Bookstores With Loyal Customers, One Shopper at a Time

IndieBound: Uniting Local Independent Bookstores With Loyal Customers, One Shopper at a Time

In an age where corporate-owned bookstores and eBooks rule the market, one website is tirelessly fighting to bring more customers to independent bookstores all across the nation. IndieBound was created by independent booksellers to be a community-oriented movement that allows local “mom and pop shops” to thrive as well as bridge the gap between readers, booksellers, and indie retailers. After all, if book worms band together to shop predominantly at their local independent bookstore, it’ll strengthen the neighborhood by keeping taxes and jobs in the hands of the community.

IndieBound offers the monthly Indie Next List, which is drawn from the handpicked recommendations of booksellers from all across the nation and allows them to wax poetically about their favorite authors. However, if you need a weekly book fix, there’s always the Indie Best Sellers List, which gives readers an up-to-date-snapshot of the hot titles that are selling out in indie bookstores in the U.S.

Most recently, IndieBound and celebrated Native American author Sherman Alexie came up with the idea of IndieFirst. This event allowed more then 500 independent bookstores to welcome more than 1,000 local authors to be guest booksellers on November 30, which was “small business Saturday.” The movement for IndieFirst began in September and was such a hit that it became a national event thanks to the thousands of participating authors and booksellers.

Whether you’re an independent bookseller, a local author, or merely a devoted reader, you can support IndieBound’s cause whether it’s by lending a helping hand or simply shopping more at your local bookstore.

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