Breton: “Envy”

Breton just released their new Force of Habit EP today ahead of their sophomore album, War Room Stories, that comes out February of next year. And while they’re quite big in Europe, they’ve yet to make much noise in the US, which is surprising when you take a listen to a song off their EP, “Envy.” The track is brimming with a live-performance energy and filled with some undeniably great indie-pop melodies. Built on a driving disco beat and pushed along by rhythmic stabs of strings and steel drum samples, “Envy” captures an exciting and unique sound that’s fun, danceable, and exciting. To go along with the track is a video that recreates the excitement of a live show to match the song’s energy. Fast moving and quickly cut shots of the band performing are balanced by slow-motion shots of a middle aged man frustratedly smashing his desk and everything on it. I’m not really sure why, but it definitely looks cool!

You can listen to the Force of Habit EP  today and pre-order War Room Stories here.

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