Don’t Adjust Your Internet Settings: “Destabilizing, I” is Glitch-Art in All Its Glory

The wide-ranging phenomena captured under the label of “glitch art” often hold in common an appreciation of computing errors, finding something novel or otherwise interesting in the mistakes of digital computing. A paradigm case of this is in the video technique of datamoshing, which puts compression artifacts (basically, why your images and videos look blurry sometimes) to artistic purpose. Jon Perez provides a solid exemplar in destabilizing, I, which makes use of the process using Discovery Channel-esque high speed footage of a sprinting cheetah. Though this lacks the novelty of clips like datamoshed versions of popular music videos, it captures one of the main visual appeals of the process: the way new shapes seem to emerge out of old scenes. If you’re interested in the technical quirks that make datamoshing possible, check out Wikipedia for a short overview. Know Your Meme offers a bit more of a historical overview.

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