“QatQi” Is an Elegant, Clever Twist on the Typical Puzzler

The App Store is pretty saturated with word games, but indie ZWorkbench’s QatQi deserves attention as it’s an elegant and clever twist on the typical word puzzler. (It’s pronounced Cat-Key, by the way, and sadly, proper nouns like QatQi are no good for racking up Scrabble points.) QatQi is that rare game that is both easy to start playing, without a lot of explanation and tutorial, but long-lasting with varied play strategies and options for experimenting.

ZWorkbench’s Christopher Garrett has blended word formation with an exploration mechanic by asking players to create words and then place them strategically in order to unlock treasure and new areas.

Garrett worked with game artist Kun Chang on QatQi, creating a simple, elegant and immersive game aesthetic. Kun Chang’s previous work includes Hemisphere Games’ Osmos, a wonderful ambient indie with some of the same delightful simplicity as QatQi.

The game is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases, but differs from the App Store standard by offering players purchased do-overs or take-backs instead of charging for progress or time.

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