These Brooklyn-Based Authors Are Bringing a New Voice to Fiction

These Brooklyn-Based Authors Are Bringing a New Voice to Fiction

Boulevard Books and Café, the much-celebrated Brooklyn-based bookstore, will be honoring two local authors today. (Edit: The event has been canceled thanks to the blizzard.) Not only will the event help promote both authors, but it will also give bookworms a chance to learn more about their individual journeys towards getting published.

The first author is Dennis Maragliano who grew up in the traditionally Italian-American Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst. His endearing first novel Catching Dreams was released this past year as an eBook. His novel regales readers with the tale of his alter ego John Del Mar, a man who is the son of Italian-American immigrants and lives in California. Although he dreams of becoming a famous actor, his father decides to move the family to Sicily because “life in America is too hard.” That’s when young John discovers his considerable athletic talents. But John once again is crushed when his father’s dreams of success fail and the family moves back to the States. Maragliano weaves a tale of a talented athlete and everyman who is burdened by bad business decisions and highly dysfunctional relationships as he tries to navigate through his own path in life.

The second author is Xavarian High School graduate William Boyle who will be discussing his debut novel Gravesend, which is available both as a paperback book and an eBook. Gravesend tells the story of an ex-con named Ray Boy Calabrese who is released from prison after 16 years and has to come face-to-face with the younger brother of his victim, as well as deal with his hellion of a nephew too.

The bookstore, which has always been a champion for local authors, now gives Boyle and Maragliano a chance to shine and to promote their works. With the help of tonight’s book lovers in the audience, who knows? Perhaps one day they’ll both be New York Times best sellers within a few years!

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