Re:Waves: “I’m Excited!!!”

It’s a brand new year! Even though there’s no real difference between today and last week, the change in the calendar brings about a symbolic fresh start. So it seemed fitting to share this track by brand new producer Re:Waves. Not only does the “I’m Excited!!!” sentiment fit in with the time, but the track samples Kool & The Gang’s “Fresh” for a double dose of new year enthusiasm. That the song actually came out over a week ago is besides the point! Taking a page out of the Vaporwave scene, Re:Waves builds his track around a slowed-down, pitched-down, cut-up version of the sample. But he then adds new guitars and synths to give it his own spin. The track has been blowing up lately after an endorsement from fellow Vapor-ish producer Saint Pepsi.

“I’m Excited!!!” comes from Re:Wave’s debut self-titled EP, which you can stream for free on SoundCloud. The set doesn’t just stick with the vapor-inspired sound of “I’m Excited!!!” though. Instead, the five songs explore various approaches to electronic music, all while keeping a consistent energy and excitement (!!!) throughout.

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