Fickle Friends: “SWIM”

English quintet Fickle Friends don’t seem to care that it’s the middle of winter. Their new track “SWIM” is as summery as they come, with insatiable hooks, shimmery disco-guitars, and a big dance beat. “SWIM” is definitely a pop smash, but with Natassja Shiner’s Mayberry-esque vocals and a decidedly indie approach to the production, it has the potential to be one of those songs that’s ubiquitous and cool. It has the attitude and ’80s influence of indie pop but the undeniable catchiness and craft of the biggest summer pop singles. So if you’re having dreams of summer, bikini weather, and driving with your windows down, put on “SWIM” and forget about this winter stuff. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting the replay button.

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