Get a Glimpse of Your Future With “The Girls’ Guide to Tarot”

Get a Glimpse of Your Future With “The Girls’ Guide to Tarot”

Many teenagers, especially females, have an interest in the occult and long to pick up a deck of tarot cards to divine the future for themselves and their friends during sleepovers, parties, etc. However, for beginners, the tarot can often be mysterious and confusing, but not anymore!

While sadly out of print, Kathleen Olmstead’s The Girl’s Guide to Tarot was one of the best handbooks out there. She broke down the symbolism of each of the 78 cards in a way that made sense and gave explanations that would appeal to a young teenage girl. Although Olmstead uses the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck in the book, nonetheless, she urges her young female readers to research different cards until they find a deck they like. She advises them on how to pick the right deck, setting the mood for readings, should they want to show off to their friends, and how to store the cards as well.

Olmstead also includes layouts that will help readers practice their skills. For example, there’s a spread to find out if your crush likes you back, a spread where you make a wish to find out if it’ll come true, a spread to help you look at both sides of an argument, and finally, a tarot spread to help achieve success. Like her explanation of the different tarot cards, the meanings of the different tarot spreads are easy to understand and written in an airy, upbeat manner, which should hold the attention span of her young readers.

While the book may be out of print, young teen girls who are looking to learn more about how to perform tarot readings can always order a used copy online. It is well worth the time and effort spent hunting a copy down because The Girl’s Guide to Tarot teaches you the basics in a simple yet effective manner.

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