“Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero,” an Illustrated Prequel to the Hit Film

“Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero,” an Illustrated Prequel to the Hit Film

If you’re a fan of director Guillermo Del Toro’s action-packed movie Pacific Rim and are longing for more information about the human-Kaiju war, make sure that you pick up the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero.

Written by Travis Beachem and illustrated by Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet, and Pericles Junior, the graphic novel opens with a young journalist named Naomi Sokolov who is on her way to interview Marshall Stacker Pentecost at the Anchorage Shatterdome. Sokolov encounters Tendo Choi who informs her Pentecost is in Hawaii due to “personal matters.” As they talk, Sokolov questions Choi about how the Shatterdomes are closing; meanwhile, the world’s governments focus on building the “Wall of Life” to keep the Kaiju out. One conversation leads to another, and Choi agrees to be interviewed about how he joined the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC). After talking to Choi, Sokolov interviews other early members of the PPDC and readers get to sink their teeth into the backstories of Marshall Pentecost, Raleigh and Yancy Beckett, and even the beginnings of the Jaeger program, too.

Although the movie gives fans little snippets and hints as to the origins of many beloved characters, Beachem’s graphic novel really allows them to shine. For example, in Tales From Year Zero, readers are given a glimpse of a young Pentecost and the circumstances that made him the hardened Marshall seen in the movie. His sister Luna is killed trying to take down the first ever Kaiju, and he has to watch his friend and co-pilot Tamsin Sevier slowly lose the battle against the cancer invading her body thanks to Coyote Tango’s reactor.

Although many of the characters can be seen in the movie, there are enough new characters, such Dr. Jasper Schoenfeld, one of the founders of the PPDC, Tamsin Sevier, and Jaeger pilots Caitlin Lightcap and Sergio D’Onofrio, that allows Tales From Year Zero to really stand on its own two feet. While fans of Pacific Rim will adore this graphic novel, even casual sci-fi fans who haven’t had a chance to watch the movie will enjoy Tales From Year Zero as well.


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