SLK: “Ride”

London-based indie-soul singer SLK makes a bold statement with her debut single. Produced by fellow Londoner Embody, “Ride” is a dark electronic spin on Sade-esque RnB and soul. SLK, pronounced silk, has a fittingly smooth and sensuous voice that slinks through the soulful melodies. An obvious comparison can be made to Jessie Ware, but “Ride” has a much darker and more personal tone than most of Ware’s music. And where Ware embraces lush orchestral textures, Embody’s track for “Ride” is stark and electronic. Lyrically, “Ride” is all about empowerment and taking control of your destiny, with a chorus urging you to “ride on your life.”

“Ride” is the first glimpse at SLK’s upcoming debut EP, set for release later this year.

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