Cooper: “Heaviest of Weights”

Montreal-via-Brisbane singer/songwriter Kate Cooper charms again with her second single, “Heaviest of Weights.” Where her debut “Flood” was a whimsical, foot-stomping folk pop, “Heaviest of Weights” shows a darker, more introspective side of Cooper. The track is dynamic and exciting, building from practically nothing to a cinematic wash of electric guitars and pounding drums in the chorus. She sings her chorus of, “Are you sure that we bend until we break?” with power and poise and an undoubtedly catchy melody, but she shows enough restraint to prevent it from ever becoming an overblown or cliche anthem. Similarly, the song is just over two-minutes long, leaving you begging for more. And if “Heaviest of Weights” reminds you of Tegan and Sara, it’s no coincidence. Sara Quin is executive producing the project. Still no word, however, on when we can expect a full-length release, but with the momentum from her first two singles, we will surely get more great music from Cooper soon.

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