Support Independent Bookstores (and Avoid Hipsters) at the Park Slope Community Bookstore

Support Independent Bookstores (and Avoid Hipsters) at the Park Slope Community Bookstore

While the Park Slope hipsters flock to Barnes and Noble after sipping herbal teas at establishments like Cocoa Bar, why not avoid the yuppies crowding around you as you browse and head over to the Park Slope Community Bookstore?

Unlike most independent bookstores in Brooklyn, the 40 year-old establishment offers free delivery to customers who don’t feel like braving the winter’s chill to pick up their order (for Brooklyn residents only, sorry!). You can either call last minute to make this arrangement or work it out with the bookstore when you first place your order.  Plus, when you special order a book that is not in stock, there’s no extra shipping fee either.

Aside from the major publishing houses, Community Bookstore also prides itself on stocking titles from small presses and independent publishing houses to introduce their patrons to novels they might have never discovered on their own. For example, their hand-picked staff selections give a taste of brilliant indie titles to check out.

As for book club fans, not only can you partake in Community Bookstore’s very own club, the store is also happy to order extra copies for you if you’re organizing your own. Plus, they are willing to host, organize, and publicize meet and greets for your club so that you can attract new members as well.

The Park Slope Community Bookstore also hosts parties. From birthday parties to bar mitzvahs to even weddings, if you’re looking for a unique venue to celebrate your special day and honor your love for the written word, feel free to reach out to the store to discuss logistics and how to go about making a reservation for the event.

Whether you want a unique wedding party to show off your book nerd tendencies or if you just want a quiet store where you can discover new titles, the Park Slope Community Bookstore is a must-see if you’re in Brooklyn!

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