Make Out with Edward or Jacob in the Cheesy (but Surprisingly Fun)

Make Out with Edward or Jacob in the Cheesy (but Surprisingly Fun) “Twilight Triangle”

Twilight Triangle is a free flash game about everyone’s unfavorite vampire romance. The game opens with Bella gazing apathetically at the camera, as though hot-werewolf Jacob and sexy-vampire Edward have bored her. Your goal, as Bella, is to make out with one of your supernatural boyfriends without letting the other one catch you.

As Bella, choose the creature of the night who you’re NOT going to make out with and distract him with a campy horror movie cliche. Vampire Edward is distracted by a priest carrying crosses and an attack from a certain cute, perky and blonde vampire slayer. Werewolf Jacob gets distracted by howling at the moon, barking at a passing kitten, or by ripping off his shirt and flexing when there’s a girl nearby. (Analysts can see the influence of the great cinematic experience of Twilight on this game interpretation, since I’m pretty sure Jacob was shirtless for most of the second movie on a similarly flimsy excuse.)

Fans of low-budget horror and Twilight haters will laugh at the goofy horror animations, but don’t let yourself be too distracted by the campy fun — that’s the time to make your move!  Whenever one of the guys is being chased by his mortal enemy, it’s a perfect time for Bella to make out with the other one. Twilight Triangle will let you alternate supernatural boyfriends, but you’ve got to fill up one make out meter to complete the level.

The game is free to play and available for your guilty pleasure here. Enjoy the campy horror…  or pretend to make out with a pale Cedric Diggory. We won’t judge!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, Twilight Kissing is a hilarious Flash game that needs to be shared, but I discovered this game when CrazyGames, the site hosting this Twilight make out game, bought advertising on my personal blog.

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