PEP: “Stephen”

A few months back, we shared the Starlight Girls‘ “spy rock” track “Inhibitionist.” But now the drummer for that group, Karys Rhea, has just premiered the debut music video for her new project PEP. I had the fortune of seeing PEP live a few weeks ago and it was one of the most fun sets I’ve ever seen. Presenting a picture-perfect brand of ’60s girl-group pop, their music is filled with sweet melodies, vintage guitars, and glorious harmonies. This debut single, “Stephen,” is no exception. The song has a bouncy bass line and classic doo-wop chord changes for Rhea’s song of unrequited love. And the Jonathan Phelps directed video matches the retro music. Shot in washed-out black and white, the band performs on stage with simple choreography and elegant gowns, even after the stage gets set on fire from a sparking cable!

PEP will be releasing their My Baby And Me EP on February 11th, but you can pre-order it on BandCamp now.

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