BookGorilla: Yeah, I Do Want New Books Every Day!

BookGorilla: Yeah, I Do Want New Books Every Day!

I usually don’t want any more emails, especially not emails that come every single day. In fact, I recommended Swizzle to cut down on junk mail and get you off mailing lists. But it’s OK when BookGorilla emails me because it’s actually sending me something I want!

BookGorilla offers free and discounted new books by alerting readers to ebook discounts and freebies in the reader’s favorite genres. The authors are a mix of famous bestsellers and unknown indies. While not every title is free, usually the books are under 99 cents.

BookGorilla does this by finding one-day sales and other promotions on Amazon in selected categories. It’s nice to know that the cheap books are coming from author and publisher promos and not from pirating or screwing over content creators. Sometimes this means these promos offer the first book in a long series, but falling in love with a series after getting one book is an occupational hazard of reading science fiction.

Interested readers sign up, choose their favorite genre(s), and then receive daily announcements when books of that type are deeply discounted or even free.  BookGorilla offers are all ebooks, so users need a Kindle—any model works—or the Kindle reader app on an iPad.

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