Gloriana Unveiled: The Life and Times of the Teenaged Elizabeth I

Gloriana Unveiled: The Life and Times of the Teenaged Elizabeth I

Thanks to movies like Elizabeth: The Golden Age and television shows like Showtime’s The Tudors, historical fiction set in Tudor era England is always a hit with readers. Whether it’s a novel about the young Elizabeth I struggling for the throne or the life and death of the fiery Anne Boleyn, the Tudors are back in vogue. However, if you want to get to know the real Gloriana, there’s no better historian than David Starkey.

His work Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne takes a closer look at the young Princess’s formative years. From the manner of her birth (both parents were desperately hoping for a son) to her ascension as the reigning Queen of England in 1558, Starkey’s biography on this enigmatic ruler dethrones her mystique and allows readers to catch a glimpse of the very mortal woman underneath the crown.

One of the most important aspects of Elizabeth’s life was how she went from being a cosseted princess and the apple of her parents’ eyes to being declared illegitimate after the death of her mother, Queen Anne Boleyn. Starkey looks at the abuse the young woman suffered, worried that at any moment she might be sentenced to share her mother’s fate upon the scaffold. Despite the very real fear of execution, Starkey explores how the danger only served to sharpen Elizabeth’s iron will and determination to be Queen. He gives his readers a closer look at the wildly extravagant characters and tragic plots that took place amidst a country in turmoil as the reign of Henry VIII drew to a close and her half-siblings Edward V and Mary I took the throne.

Thanks to David Starkey’s research, Tudor fans will be able to sympathize with the twists of fate that shaped Elizabeth I and set her up upon the throne of England.

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