Night Beds: “Head For The Hills”

Nashville singer/songwriter Winston Yellen released his debut full-length album as Night Beds a little less than a year ago. Now he’s back with a new single “Head For The Hills.” While the song shows off the lush string arrangements and folk sensibility found on Country Sleep, “Head For The Hills” feels decidedly bigger and more pop oriented. The texture is full and warm, with layers of guitar, pianos, and strings blending together. The melody is also concise and memorable, reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen as much as Bon Iver. With a bigger sound and more succinct songwriting, “Head For The Hills” points towards a new direction for Yellen but doesn’t abandon his idiosyncratic sense of arrangement and clever lyrical approach.

“Head For The Hills” doesn’t seem to be attached to any upcoming release, but hopefully we’ll see more from Night Beds soon.

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