Monster Pulse: A Comic About Adolescence, Friendship, and Sentient Body Parts

Monster Pulse: A Comic About Adolescence, Friendship, and Sentient Body Parts

Growing up is never easy when you’re thirteen.  There’s school, family, dating, the pressure to make friends,  and oh yeah, having a two ton monster burst out of your chest doesn’t help either.

So begins the story of Bina Blum, whose chance run-in with a mysterious supernatural force causes her heart to gain sentience and literally erupt from her body in the form of Ayo, a dinosaur-like companion. Bina soon finds herself hunted by a shadowy organization bent on capturing these specimens, affectionately called “monsters” by the children that host them.

With the help of newfound comrades Julie, Abel, and Wes, along with their monsters, Bina must try to keep Ayo a secret, stay off the radar of the enigmatic and dangerous Dr. Rjinder, and just maybe uncover the mystery unfolding in her small town before more people fall prey to the very same phenomena that birthed Ayo and her kind.

A thrilling combination of coming-of-age and sci-fi horror, Magnolia Porter’s work shines most as a human (or perhaps inhuman) drama.  While the characters struggle with their own personal demons and anxieties, the mystery of Monster Pulse unfolds subtly and slowly as each new twist is chillingly revealed. Most evocative of all are the main cast of preteens.  Their problems are the same as any adolescent’s but heightened and complicated by the presence of their monsters, whose safety and actions they find themselves having to take responsibility for, often at the cost of their own happiness and security.

Funny, spooky, and nostalgically bittersweet, Monster Pulse is a bit like a cross between Stand By Me and The X-Files, but with an aesthetic and emotional core uniquely its own.  If you want to read something engrossing and with, dare I say, a lot of heart, go check it out.  Currently updating Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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