“Flirts,” Cheesy But Fun Romantic Short Stories by Lisa Scott

“Flirts,” Cheesy But Fun Romantic Short Stories by Lisa Scott

Whether you’re single or attached, Flirts! Five Romantic Short Stories by Lisa Scott is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Scott, who is the author of the Willowdale Romance series, entertains readers with five contemporary short stories that revolve around love. While each story can be read as a stand-alone, all five stories do eventually connect in the end.

The Hot Girl’s Friend follows Jane, a woman who’s tired of watching her friend Miranda fend off men while never getting a happy ending of her own. After griping with a bartender named Brady who tries to set her up with a few of his friends, Jane develops feelings for Brady (Editor’s Note: Um, spoiler alert?) and finally finds love.

Desperately Seeking Cupid is a cute story about a single woman named Brianna who has tried absolutely everything to find a boyfriend to no avail. In a laugh-out-loud moment of desperation, she decides to see if feng shui can fix her romance problems. The only problem? The man she has a crush on doesn’t believe in feng shui at all.  Readers will be anxiously turning the page to see if she winds up dating the guy she’s after, or if it all falls apart.

Finally, Never Been Dumped follows Rachel who is sick and tired of always being the one to end a relationship. However, she encounters a good-looking stranger who is visiting her town for the summer. After they meet and sparks fly, they make a deal that he’ll be the one to end the relationship so she won’t have to. But with their chemistry, it might be hard for Rachel to say good-bye to him at the end of their fling.

So, this Valentine’s Day, either pick up a paperback copy of Flirts! Five Romantic Short Stories or download the free eBook and give in to your cravings for cute and funny short stories!

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