Mind Control Made Easy: A How-To Video for the Inner Cult Leader in All of Us

The first few words from this video—”Don’t you want devoted followers?”—sounds straight out of a spot from a shady Twitter app, but what follows—”Who’ll leave their families for you, give their money to you, give their bodies to you, give up their lives for you, consider you god, and will kill for you?”—clarifies that what’s being promoted here is a liiittle more serious than that. In Mind Control Made Easy, or How to Become a Cult Leader, you get exactly what the title implies: some helpful tips for luring people into your cult, psychologically manipulating them into devotion to you, and enforcing your power. Just what I was looking for! If you’re interested in joining filmmaker Carey Burtt’s cult, it seems his devoted followers have set up a webpage for him here.

Please watch; I’m just trying to share something meaningful with you.

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