“A Bit of Air,” a Collection of Thought-Provoking Poetry from the Middle East

“A Bit of Air,” a Collection of Thought-Provoking Poetry from the Middle East

If you’re tired of the same old poems about love, life, and other matters, then why not rejuvenate your senses and indulge your soul with Walid Taher’s A Bit of Air, which is part of the Emerging Voices From the Middle East series.

A Bit of Air is written in both English and Arabic and is translated by Anita Husen. This book of poetry is unique not only for its bilingual pieces, but also for its beautiful and unusual illustrations. Taher, who is a political cartoonist and a children’s author and illustrator, hails from Egypt and decided to create a poetry collection for adults that seamlessly blended both visual art, the written word, and even architecture.

Taher’s poetry and breathtaking illustrations are in part based on Egyptian colloquial poetry but also give readers a closer look at the new generation who are destined to change the Arabic world. Taher’s poems allow readers to gain a deeper understanding of the political tension of the Middle East right before the arrival of the Arab Spring and highlights how ordinary people living in that part of the world think and feel about the political and social upheaval. A Bit of Air shows that no matter what your ethnicity and where you live, people around the globe share the same hopes and fears.

Taher’s work is humorous, absurd, and thought provoking, but never boring. Readers will find themselves enveloped in emotions evoked by Taher’s masterful poetry, and it will definitely produce fascinating conversations with friends and loved ones, especially if they decide to pass the book around amongst their social circle.

For poetry lovers who are looking for new voices that produce works of art you can really sink your teeth into, Taher’s A Bit of Air will allow you to gain new insights into the heart and soul of the next generation of Arabic authors.

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