Explore the Aftermath of One Man’s Struggle to Find Peace in “Shannon: A Novel of Ireland”

Explore the Aftermath of One Man’s Struggle to Find Peace in “Shannon: A Novel of Ireland”

If you’re stuck at home on a rainy day and are looking for a good book to really sink your teeth into, Shannon: A Novel of Ireland by Frank Delaney will allow you to travel to the Emerald Isle and experience the beauty of its countryside.

The story begins when a marine chaplain named Robert Shannon, a young American war hero who is still suffering from shell shock after fighting in World War I, arrives in Ireland. His mentor sends him on the trip in hope that looking into his family’s Irish roots will be able to bring him a sense of peace and balance. However, what his mentor doesn’t know is that Shannon holds a secret: After returning home from the war, he was a witness to the Archdiocese of Boston’s mind-boggling corruption, and his trip to the Emerald Isle was a way to keep him silent. Upon his arrival in Ireland, Shannon quickly realizes the country is rife with political turmoil and is engaging in a civil war. However, despite looking true evil in its face, Robert carries on and is bolstered by the traditions and beliefs of his people.

Thanks to Delaney’s superb writing, readers too will be able to find a sense of peace and wonder after becoming engrossed in this novel. Even if the reader isn’t Irish-American, they will still be able to appreciate the healing power of many of the Irish traditions and enjoy the wit that so many of the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle are gifted with.

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