“RE: Alistair++” Is a Fun Homage to Dating Games and MMORPGs Alike

“RE: Alistair++” Is a Fun Homage to Dating Games and MMORPGs Alike

Although popular in Japan, otome games haven’t found their foothold in America yet. Which is a shame, really, as they can be very sweet and fun with creative premises. Released by sakevisual, RE: Alistair++ tells the story of Merui Lucas, a hot-headed gamer addicted to a MMORPG called Rivenwell Online. Her life proceeds as usual until some jerk player named Alistair steals a rare item from her. Determined to exact revenge, she sets out to discover his offline identity…and if you play your cards right, you’ll fall in love along the way.

Bachelors Travis, Derek and Shiro are determined not to make it easy for you. In order to attract their attention and unlock conversations, you need to have a certain balance of computer skills, intelligence and popularity, affected by your daily activities. Items and outfits can be purchased at the mall, which can boost your stats, garner attention and help you gain access to longer conversations. But if you want to buy anything, you’ll need to work–and you can’t miss out on valuable MMORPG time. Of course, all of this is useless if a guy just doesn’t like you.

The premise is simple and gameplay goes by fairly quickly. Despite that, five possible endings (with three bonus endings) provide plenty of replay value…and don’t forget, you still need to figure out Alistair’s identity and get your revenge.

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